Kentucky Bluegrass

Quick green up in the spring

Improved density to squeeze out weeds

Improved drought tolerance

Less time mowing and fertilizing

Same sod the pro’s use – Major League Baseball, National Football League and Division 1 NCAA




Bella Bluegrass

Dark, green alpine color

Reduce mowing 50-80%

Excellent heat and drought tolerance

Very good wear and injury recovery




RTF (Rhizomatous Tall Fescue)

Unlike all other fescues

Repairs itself

Fills in bare spots

Prevents “wide-leafed ugly clumps”



HGTBuschHGT (Healthy Grass Technology)

Improved Seeded Bluegrass

Featured on NFL and MLB Stadiums

Tough turf grass with excellent wear tolerance

Very good disease and pest resistance

Excellent heat tolerance

Big Rolls (Athletic fields etc.)

Small Rolls (Commercial, residential etc.)